Evening Grapes

Evening Grapes

Robert and Barb bought a 14 acre piece of land with 4 acres in alfalfa and contracted most of the work out. Then Robert read the Cadillac Desert (by Marc Reisner, "A Beautifully written and meticulously researched." study of the economics, politics, and ecology of water in deserts of the American West,) and with this reading decided that alfalfa was killing the desert farming with it's high water use and low return in profits. He zeroed in on grapes finding they use 1/5th the water and have a much higher profit margin, something that fit his business minded attitude. They were also difficult to grow. Jaramillo likes difficult; remember his favorite saying “Whatever is the most difficult”.

Second Field

Grandpa and the two youngest getting ready to plant.

All in at planting time.

The upper field.

Upper field drip install.

Upper field marked out and ready.